11 Reasons why we fell in love with Prince: A tribute to Prince and all the broken hearts he left behind

1. The Glyph Stage

In 1993, Prince changed his stage name to an unpronounceable Symbol that was a combination of the male and female symbols. He called this “The Love Symbol”, but journalists who were reporting on his big name change called him “the artist formally known as Prince”. The glyph was his way of giving the middle finger to his label, Warner Brothers. They were attempting to hold him back to help with their inability to keep up with him releasing so many CDs. He went back to the name “Prince” in 2000 when his contract expired.

2. The Rain covered Halftime Show

In 2007, Prince performed at Super Bowl XLI. He performed with no complaints. He took the chance of being electrocuted by the electric guitar or falling on slippery tile stage to rock the pants off of everyone in the stadium and all across America watching in the comfort of their home. This was probably the coolest performance in Super Bowl History.

3. The fight against YouTube

Prince was a huge advocate for physical copies of music. He said that he wanted to make his life’s mission to “reclaim his art on the internet”. Prince never wanted his fans to be screwed over by ticket scalpers or streaming services trying to make a quick buck off of his hard work. He pulled much of his music from YouTube and most of his music from Spotify. He never wanted anyone to control the music that he created. This even included fans that were trying to publish videos of his concerts on YouTube.

4. The massive CD releases

Prince has currently released 39 studio albums dating back to 1979 with his first release of the album, Prince. In the 1980s, he was releasing an album nearly every year. In an interview with BBC, his Sound Engineer, Susan Rogers said that they made an entire album in a week. He was incredible at managing his time and was a master at his craft.

5. The Ability to master an Incredible amount of instruments

According to PrinceVault.com, Prince had mastered 27 instruments and often played every instrument heard in his songs. He wanted to be in control of what his music sounded like. The entire For You album was recorded with his vocals, his instrumentals, his lyrics and him producing. When interviewed by Dick Clark, he was asked what the number of instruments was that he could play and he answered with, “Thousands”.

6. The incredible vocal Range

Prince is ranked as a popular artist with one of the largest vocal ranges. He ranked third out of popular music singers. His vocal range is about 7 octaves (E2-B6). This includes only the music that has been recorded on his albums. Many sources say that he could reach outside that range during some performances.

7. The Dance Moves

Prince never stopped dancing. He would put on crazy outfits and play the guitar while singing and dancing until the show was over. Some shows consisted of more than 4 hours of Prince singing and dancing just as if he was in his 20s again.

8. The Outfits

Prince was an icon not only in music, but also in fashion. He would dazzle his audiences in full spandex, blazers covered in rhinestones, and the iconic purple or white turtleneck. Prince never failed to wow the crowd. He was an innovator in anything that he put his mind to.

9. The Prince Vault

His last words to his fans were, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” In 2015, BBC did a mini documentary about the famous Prince secret vault. He spent most of his time making and creating music. He had a vault made to hold all his secret music that he wanted to release at a later time. With his recent passing, it brings to mind that maybe his last words could mean that there is way more to come in new Prince music. Sonny Thompson, his bass guitarist said, “Maybe he is just waiting for the right time.”

10. The Color Purple

And yes, Purple Rain

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