About Live Wire

Live Wire is an independent, volunteer produced TV and radio show produced by media professionals and passionate music enthusiasts. Live Wire also provides valuable production experience to students studying TV production, film, music recording and radio in association with WBGU-FM.  The Live Wire TV show is distributed by WBGU-TV and is available throughout Ohio via the Ohio Channel.

Live Wire follows in the footsteps of other great music television series that promote artists in a positive, professional manner. Live Wire is recorded in HD as a TV / radio concert.  The host of the program will conduct an interview with performers to be included in the final production before the live concert. This format is designed to allow for the best transfer of energy between audience and performer.

The Live Wire production crew consists of passionate and highly skilled volunteers. Concerts are designed to encourage a positive, artist friendly setting. Live Wire is dedicated to presenting the best music on TV and radio regardless of style, Live Wire celebrates live music and want to share it with a passionate TV and radio audience.

All episodes are recorded live at the Clazel Theater in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio. Bowling Green is the ideal location for a TV show in the Midwest. Located on major routing routes you are less than 90 minutes from Detroit, 2 hours from Cleveland and Columbus, 3 hours from Cincinnati,  4 hours from Pittsburgh and 4.5 hours from Chicago. Interstates 75 and 80/90 cut through the heart of the BG area, making for easy travel to your next routed gig.

We look forward to a great concert experience with you!


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