Selection Process

Live Wire is a live music television and radio program.  The performance itself is a concert experience, but the TV show and radio recording are the first and foremost priorities. Live Wire is dedicated to presenting the best musical performers, regardless of genre, to a mass media audience. Live Wire is open to national, regional and local musicians.

Live Wire is typically recorded on the first Thursday of the month during the academic calendar (September to April) at the Clazel Theater. Select productions may occur outside these dates depending on artist availability.

National Artists

Contact about available dates, routing details, etc. National acts are allotted a 70 – 90 minute set.  Artists will get a rough cut of the performance for review before the air dates are scheduled. This set will be edited into a one hour show or two 30 minute episodes, sometimes both.

Regional and Local Artists

Regional and local artists are given a 30 minute set.  We will make selections based on the quality of material you submit, your activity level in the region and your ability to bring your fans, as viewers, to a TV show. Fans bring energy to a show and the Clazel Theater is an intimate venue where fans and artists can easily feed off of the energy they share. If you have additional questions about local and regional artist expectations please email