Joey Bosa's Great Grandfather, "Joey Batters"

Joey Bosa, formerly the defensive end from the Ohio State Buckeys, has a very interesting family. Bosa was not the only one in his family who hit hard, but his great grandfather was also a "heavy-hitter." Joey Bosa's great grandfather, Tony Accardo, later gained the nickname Joey Batters, and not because he was a baseball player. Accardo gained the nickname from Al Capone when he alegedly killed three men with a baseball bat.

Accardo rose the ranks through the mafia crime family, from being a hoodlum to Al Capone's personal body guard, to the boss of the Chicago Outfit. He gained power of the Chicago Mafia in 1947 and continued to grow the crime syndicate.

Joey Bosa recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune saying "I've only heard amazing things about (Accardo)" and "Wish I could have spent some time with him before he passed."

The stories Mr. Joey Batters had were probably something you could only picture happening in movies. When Accardo was given his nickname, it was right after he alegedly killed three men at a private dinner Al Capone hosted just to kill these three men. There was also a time when two professional theives broke into his house when Accardo was out of town. Two weeks later, after Joey Batters return home, the men were found with their throat cuts and disemboweled.

What makes Accardo even more intriguing is that he never spent a single day in jail. Accardo passed away in 1992 at 86 years old.

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