Earth Day: College Style

If your college experience has been anything like mine thus far, it is pretty easy to forget about the smaller holidays that seemed a lot bigger back home. The cool thing about BG is that they have had multiple activities and a miniscule version of an eco-fair in the Union Circle in order to get kids pumped about the day the world tends to get a little greener.

If you’re on campus, the bookstore is even offering 20% off a new T-shirt if you take in an old bowling green one you have and 25% off a new T-shirt if you take in another University tee. It’s all part of going green this year on campus, the bookstore will even take care of the old t-shirts for you. Either way it’s good to go green for a day; however, it would be cooler if we could extend Earth Day for more than one day. In order to do this, I’ve come up with a few ways that we can all participate in Earth Day and continue on in making our lives just a little greener.

1. Get a reusable water bottle

Not only are these extremely easy to carry but they’re also perfect to take to class or on the go. I, myself, just bought one of the Brita ones with the filter in it and it’s made going to class a lot easier and more efficient because I can just fill it up whenever I need to, instead of the usual can of pop I take to class. According to the EPA, Americans consume over 50 billion bottles of water a year. That’s a lot of plastic if you think about it. One way to go green is to get the reusable water bottle to save money and space in our landfills.

2. Donate old newspapers

I personally love dogs and cats and any other furry, four-legged friend. By donating old newspapers to local animal shelters, they help to create different types of bedding and other uses for the animals. It’s quick and simple to do and you get to see cute animals in the process.

3. The 5-minute shower

Perfecting the 5-minute shower routine is something that I have yet to do, but it’s something that is worth trying. If you relate to me in any way, you either get your shower the night before because you know you’re not going to get up or you get it before class and end up running late anyways because you take thirty minute showers. I get it, BG seems to have unlimited hot water most of the time. But it will save the Earth so much water and energy if we all turned the shower heads off just a tad sooner.

Sydnee Smailes

Creative writing major with a minor in psychology at BGSU. I really love Nemo and sour gummy worms. Hopefully one day you will be reading a copy of my books but for now I'll just stick to endless amounts of coffee and jelly donuts.

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